Contraception: Why Not - 3rd Edition - CD

By Janet E. Smith


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Cracking the Contraceptive Myths

Since the introduction of the Pill in 1960 contraception has been touted in our culture as a magic potion leading to greater freedom for men and women, stronger marriages, and fewer teenage pregnancies and abortions. Moral theologian Janet E. Smith uses updated statistics, decades of research, keen intellect and her sharp wit to expose the true crippling effect that our contraceptive culture has had on our relationships, our families, our culture, and our physical and mental health.

"Janet's Contraception: Why Not presentation has become the resource for anyone truly interested in learning the full story of the fall-out from a sex crazed culture. While the world falsely and dangerously tries to equate so called "sexual health" with sexual license, Janet's work is the voice of reason backed by solid and extensive scientific research, common sense, and sound Catholic teaching."
Teresa Tomeo
Syndicated Catholic Talk Show Host
Best Selling Catholic Author

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